Wednesday, July 28, 2004 :: 2:56 AM

Tired p14nd4

I'm sorry. It's 3 AM, and this isn't a Matchbox 20 song, so that's just a bad sign...and not even slightly catchy. I slept about 3.5 hours last night, and maybe five the night before. If I was asleep right now, I'd be on track for six tonight, but I don't appear to be in my bed right now, nor are my eyes closed. This blog entry will be, for real this time, very short, so you can have a healthy p14nd4 to read about.

So I begrudgingly got up around 7:00 AM this morning, because of the absolutely horrible idea of an 8 AM meeting at my job. I got there around 8:03, grabbed a soda from the machine (I really needed it), and got to the meeting around 8:04, which was just in time to hear the announcement that the meeting was canceled. ^&#%!*#@%! That was an extremely unpleasant way to begin my day. I toyed with the idea of leaving for a few hours, to go back to bed, but the damage was already done, so I just stayed.

I met with my boss for about 20 minutes to discuss a few things I'm working on. Mind you, this is the same boss that requests people schedule meetings with him, even for 5-minute meetings. But, we just sat and talked for 20 minutes. That hypocrite.

I know I went to Subway for lunch (three more 12" subs and I get a free 12" sub), but most of the rest of the day is a blur, with one exception. Can anyone say "hot 18-year-old summer temp chick wearing tight white stretchy pants?" Come on, I know you can do it. Say it with me now! Well, no, I guess you don't have to do that, but yes, she does have quite the nice ass, as was made readily apparent with those pants, today. Mmmm. [Aside: I debated whether or not I should include this in my public blog entry, which I'm fully aware my girlfriend reads, but decided it deserved to be in here. I'm not being disloyal, dishonest, or deceptive, so all she/you have left to yell at me about is being at work today. It's not my fault I'm an observant young man.]

I then spent a good chunk of time, tonight, editing another article for my own company (not my regular job), which I had to get done before going to bed, because we're the first site to post a review, after the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) expired 07.28.2004 12:00 AM EST. I didn't write it, but it might be worth a read, if you're technically inclined. Either way, you should know that the product name is Sempron. Sem-pron? I don't know if it's just the sleep deprivation talking, or just my own sick mind, but I see Sem[en]-P[or]n from that product name. Someone had to say it, and I just might be the only person cool enough to actually do so.

Anyway, this went longer than I planned, as always. I need to sleep. Stop keeping me up. Ribbit.

In the meantime, enjoy my new photo and BANANAPHONE!


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