Monday, July 26, 2004 :: 1:05 AM

Abbreviated Blogging

Tonight's entry will have to be cut short, due to technical difficulties with the time continuum. I seem to be having some difficulty preventing time from passing tonight, and I need to work in the morning, and my f-ing crappy body needs sleep, so something's gotta give, and the blog is that something. I'm sure you must be devastated.

Anyhow, I was woken up around noon today by my mother offering me an omelet. Now, you might think this is one of those really nice things, that I couldn't possibly complain about, but you're horribly mistaken. I value sleep on weekends very highly. I was doing just fine digesting that Chipotle burrito from the previous night, in my sleep, and needed an omelet at that very moment about as much as I needed a spare transmission for a semi (I have zero, and that's about one too many, if you didn't figure that out on your own). But, the damage was done. I was awake, and there was an omelet waiting for me, so I ate.

I came back, only to find another f-ing ant crawling on my speaker, which I promptly killed, after swearing for a few moments. What the hell do the ants even want in my room? It's not even like they're all in the same place, ever. Some on one wall, some on another wall, one on the floor, one on the desk, and so on. I just don't get it. F-ing ants.

Despite my then-crappy mood instilled by the ant, I managed to proceed with my day, with the aid of AC-DC - Back in Black. I'm still kind of in awe of music, after having lost about 5000 songs for about six months (and getting them back, finally, about a month ago). Think about how much you take it for granted some time. It's crazy.

I listened to music, talked to people, the normal deal, and then showered, dressed, blah blah blah. As mentioned last night, I had to repair someone's computer at 2:00 PM, so I was hoping to leave around 1:50. Well, around 1:58 I finally got out of the house, and arrived a minute late or so. No one else cared, but it pissed me off. I got right to work on the problem (adware, viruses, etc). The computer was slow, so much time was spent just watching the computer scan for things. I was able to talk to my friend's parents for a while, though, which was pleasant. I think conversations go much better with pretty much everyone, after getting out of high school, but that might just be me. It's probably because I've stopped caring about even more, since then, so I'll tell people things that I wouldn't have told them before, and am much less guarded, in general. I'm probably just over-analyzing this all, though, so I'll stop with that.

The family ended up having to leave before I finished, but paid me the flat rate I'd suggested, before leaving. In fixing one (or a few) problems, another fairly major problem appeared, in that right clicking any file would cause Explorer to restart itself (and the right-click menu wouldn't appear). I'd never seen that in my life, which isn't usually a good thing. I spent more time than I would have liked fixing it, and then started installing security fixes over dial-up. I wrote up a summary sheet of everything I'd done, and some future recommendations for self-service before I left, since I made a point of complaining that my friend's computer repair store didn't do that, when I was visiting him at work. I left with 115 minutes left on one Windows update download, so hopefully that finished without issue, and they were able to figure out how to click "Ok" to reboot it. And damn, I really hope that didn't break anything else. As a side note, it would have been worlds faster for me to simply return home, download the necessary patches, burn a cd, and return there, but that would have required much more effort than I was being paid for, so that simply wasn't going to happen.

I went back home, and ended up eating dinner with my mother, of all people, at Applebees. As you may know, I really don't get along well with my mother, in virtually all situations. I have, however, been making a conscious effort to be less of an asshole to her, though. The results of that experiment are still up in the air--I'll try to remember to keep you posted. We somehow managed to avoid more than about four long awkward silences during the meal, didn't get into any major arguments, and I got a free bacon cheeseburger, so overall I felt it was a successful outing.

I returned home, did some work on my own stuff, talked, music'd a bit, got into some big arguments online about the current political state of the US, and then another argument later about racism and affirmative action (I think the argument kind of just migrated to that, but I tuned out for a while). That delayed me quite a while, but now I wrote more in here than I initially planned (although I did manage to keep this entry down to 1.5 pages singled spaced, as opposed to the previous two 2-page entries), and am going to bed much later than I initially hoped. Damn you. You manage to keep me up, even when you're not even talking to me at the moment. (Look, now I'm talking directly to a text box. How awesome am I? Very awesome.) I'm off to work soon. Tschüss.


Blogger Kalin said...

Hi David. *waves* I think you're super cool...*pulls on hair and bites nails*. Heehee. I like your blog, by the way. For some reason, I agree with you on the fact that you are super cool. Besides, you wanted to play Legos with Courtney and I. :]Heheh. Anyway. Best of luck with the ants. I have something that might solve it, if you need some. Much loff.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Gabby said...

Jesus Seriously LOVES/CARES for YOU! isnt it great hearing that?
ask Him (Jesus) to come into your heart and and read what the Bible has to say for you. if yoyu commit to that then, See you in Heaven!

5:24 PM  

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