Saturday, July 24, 2004 :: 1:54 AM

Hm. Hello.

I've never been a huge fan of blogs. It's 11:11 PM on a Friday night, and I'm creating, and posting in, one of my very own, though. I'm not exactly sure why, but I can guarantee you it was prompted by seeing one of my ex-girlfriend's blog. I was dissatisfied with the quality of her profile on there, so apparently I'm rectifying my dissatisfaction by potentially making a better one of my own, that virtually no one will read (hey, like virtually all blogs!). I'm guessing this is going to be one of those things (like my first personal web site, ... or much of anything else I do, for that matter) in which I maintain interest for a brief period, and then abandon. I'll look back at it in a year or two and have a nice laugh, and a good time will be had by all.

...Anyway, since I know everyone is dying to hear about my day (because I'm just that cool), let's have it:

I've recently been setting my computer to start playing my music in the morning to wake me up (in conjunction with my alarm clock), since my alarm clock has proven to be fairly useless in its primary goal. The alarm clock sits at the foot of my bed, but I've apparently mastered the skill of sitting up, and turning it off (not just snoozing it) without actually waking up. (Even more impressive was during high school when it was across the room, and I was able to walk across the room (which entailed stepping in very specific places, over computers, piles, etc), turn off the alarm clock, and get back into bed, without really waking up (I didn't remember doing it, much of the time, and no, the alarm clock never stops on its own).) Back to my exciting day, though. Anyway, I woke up to Tool - Forty Six and 2 at 8:05 AM, laid in bed for another song or two, then showered, and such, sat around my room for about 20 unnecessary minutes listening to music, and eventually headed off to FedEx (my third time in two days).

I bike to work (and most everywhere else I need to be), but FedEx is about one minute from my office, so it's not a big deal to swing in there before work. I picked the most retarded way ever, to get there, though, which pissed me off. I literally thought to myself "This is the worst decision I've made today. Wait, no, sitting around my house an extra half hour was a worse decision. But this is definitely the worst decision I've made in the last ten minutes." (Yeah, I' that. We'll stick with that choice of words.) Anyhow, I decided not to lock my bike at FedEx, which sounds like a stupid comment, but I've pretty much locked my bike everywhere I've left it (except my garage) for the past five years, so it's weird. I guess maybe I'm getting lazier, which may be difficult to believe, but I think it's true. Into fedex...

I've always been confused with the forms and packaging they offer at FedEx. I've been going there for years, but not consistently enough to really get it down. There are certain things you're supposed to use their packaging for, some you're not...some charge by size, some by's all very foreign to me. There are two forms for ground shipping, both of which I filled out. It turns out I didn't need to fill one of them out, and the other one, that I did need to fill out (which I did), is possibly the crappiest form I've ever seen. There's no way I can write all the necessary information legibly in the space they provide. Bastards. Well, the shipping was cheap, and I'm getting reimbursed for it anyway, so it didn't really matter, but that was good. My bike wasn't stolen (although you probably figured I mentioned it for some deeper reason, earlier in the story, you were wrong), so on to work I went.

I park my bike in the underground parking garage at my office-building. Everyone else from my company just parks in the regular lot in front (which does have a bike rack), so it's kind of strange that I park [my bike] down there, but it's closer to the bike path, and then I don't have to lock it (the garage exemption rule ;)). It's nice and cool (temperature) down there, too, which is pleasant after a vigorous bike-ride, heh. Parking where I do, means that I also end up using the back entrance to the building, which kind of reminds me of Peter Gibbons (my idol, by the way) explaining that he uses the side entrance so that Lumberg doesn't see him come in late. I sit down, mark myself not-away on AIM (not only does my company allow the use of AIM, they require it...for company communication purposes, of course :P), read some email, catch up with a few people in chat, etc.

I won't get too much into what I do at work, for various reasons, but today's activities included:
  • Telling a few co-workers to check out freeiPods ( ... one co-worker signed up)

  • Researching a few WiFi/Ethernet bridges (I was annoyed that a co-worker mac-lot suggested the $125 AirPort Express off the bat ... and laughed at Apple's site claiming that they revolutionized wireless by introducing the first / affordable WiFi solution (geeks might find that funny))

  • Visiting web sites and recording 1-800 number extensions from them into an excel sheet.
Hm. How horribly stimulating. On the bright side, though, I got free pizza. My company does free pizza Fridays as a morale boosting exercise, because they require you to put a note commending a co-worker on a specific thing you noticed them doing well. I think it's a big load of crap, but if I get free pizza, I'll jump through a hoop. The whole company then left "early" around 5:30 PM for a company party at the CEO's house. It was alright...more free food, entertaining dog fight, fireworks, CEO walked into a glass door. I got a ride back to the office around 10 PM, at which point I biked home, read some away messages, including a link to a blog, which then started this. Damn I'm cool.


Blogger John said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Your first blog, I must say, rocks.


11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO, this is probably the funniest blog i've ever read. Great job man. Keep up the great work.


1:46 AM  

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